Central offices of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority in Santurce, San Juan.

The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) reported that an "event" in Unit #4 of the Palo Seco power plant has left multiple clients without electricity.

According to the public utility's portal, by 1:13 p.m., 178,699 clients did not have energy services. By 11:53 a.m., there were 167,716 clients affected by this power outage, indicating that even more customers have been left without power during the day.

PREPA Clients Without Electricity - 9/28/21, 1:27 p.m.

Each column in this table, from left, represents the regions, the total of clients in each of these, how many sectors comprise each region, how many clients have been affected, and the percentage of clients without service. (1:27 p.m.)

Early in the morning, LUMA Energy reported a new round of selective blackouts. Per the public-private partnership that came into effect last June, PREPA is in charge of the energy generation, while LUMA oversees its transmission and distribution. The company made sure to clarify this on its social media accounts.

Since last Sunday, hundreds of thousands of customers have been left in the dark over multiple events. One of these was reportedly caused by the accumulation of sargassum (algae) on the shores near several generation plants.

Yesterday, PREPA's senior staff defended its management with the maintenance of the power generating plants despite the events of poor generation.

Efran Paredes Maisonet, PREPA's executive director, had assured yesterday that the interruptions would improve for today while rejecting that there was any negligence on his part or his work team.

New President at PREPA's Governing Board

The Governing Board of PREPA selected Fernando Gil-Enseñat as the Board's new president, after Ralph A. Kreil announced his resignation from the position and the Board yesterday. This happened during an extraordinary session held today.

“We are grateful to engineer Kreil for the years he dedicated to this Board with great commitment and for the leadership that he exercised in directing our work. We wish him every success in his new professional challenges," Vice President David K. Owens said on behalf of the Board.

Prior to joining the Governing Board, Gil-Enseñat was secretary of the Puerto Rico Department of Housing, president of the Board of the Public Housing Administration, president of the Board of the Housing Financing Authority, member of the Board of the Land Administration of Puerto Rico and vice president of PREPA's Board.

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