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Gov. Vázquez had yet to determine who would be her chief of staff. (Josian Bruno)

Puerto Rico’s newly appointed Governor Wanda Vázquez, along with the Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA), Jennifer M. Storipan, and Secretary of Public Policy, Philippe A. Mesa, held a conference call on Thursday with Doug Hoelscher, Deputy Assistant to President Donald J. Trump and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs.

On the call, the newly appointed governor advised that establishing credibility, transparency, and accountability are critical parts of her goal to continue to develop the relationship between the federal government and the government of Puerto Rico.

“On the call, I reaffirmed my commitment to Puerto Rico and reemphasized the importance of open channels of communication with the federal government so we may continue our working relationship. I thank Mr. Hoelscher and his team for the interest they have shown in our Island,” said the Governor.

Nic Pottebaum and Dan Horning, also with the White House Office of the Intergovernmental Affairs, were on the call with the Governor as well, which was requested by the White House through PRFAA. In an effort to continue developing the relationship, the Governor demonstrated her willingness to work with the White House on behalf of Puerto Ricans and stated her intention to soon visit the Federal Capital.

“I plan to collaborate with President Donald J. Trump and his Administration in matters that affect the island and its 3.2 million U.S. citizens. I have an excellent relationship with our Congresswoman and Resident Commissioner, Jenniffer González and have held several meetings with her to continue working for a better Puerto Rico.,” said the First Executive.

The Governor also emphasized her interest in meeting with President Trump as soon as possible to discuss the policy priorities of Puerto Rico, such as the continued recovery of the Island and critical Medicaid funding.

"While the federal government has been an integral part in Puerto Rico’s recovery, we still have a long way to go. I trust that with the willingness the White House has shown to collaborate with us, we can continue working together in the reconstruction of the Island.,” concluded Vázquez.

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