The Puerto Rico Department of Labor and Human Resources informed the launch of a new platform for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) to share tax information with the P.R. Department of Treasury, or Hacienda to prevent fraud.

Since last Friday, the agency tested the platform, wherein 5,749 claimants accessed the portal, as informed by Labor Secretary Carlos Rivera Santiago.

"The platform is of utmost importance to be able to provide assistance to all people who have been affected by the COVID-19 situation and meet the requirements in law. We hope that this collaboration between the Labor and Treasury departments will expedite the granting of funds safely to those who qualify and who need it so much," Gov. Wanda Vázquez said.

Moreover, Rivera Santiago stated, "we formally announced the launch of a new platform for PUA. What we are looking for is a faster and safer process, in which the information submitted by the claimant is validated with the Department of the Treasury, preventing fraud and avoiding greater inconvenience to citizens."

"New claimants or those who haven't received their payments... can create a profile and submit their information today," he added.

Reportedly, some advantages provided by the platform are to check the status of the claim online per week, receive immediate correspondence via email, and know decisions online.

In addition, the payment would be issued between 24 to 72 hours by direct deposit for all those who meet the requirements in law. At the same time, most claims will be automatically evaluated allowing immediate approval.

To date, the Department of Labor has received 353,053 PUA claims, of which 307,169 are being collected, 13,002 are pending, and 5,311 have been deemed ineligible.

The platform is available at www.trabajo.pr.gov or https://puapr.trabajo.pr.gov/_/.

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