Pedro Pierluisi

Puerto Rico Gov. Pedro Pierluisi

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi urged truckers in Puerto Rico to stop the strike that began today, in which they are demanding the Financial Oversight and Management Board (FOMB) to allow the ground freight rate hike approved by the Bureau of Transportation and Other Public Services (NTSP by its Spanish initials).

The governor also reacted to the missive sent by the Oversight Board concerning the revised rate system.

"The government of Puerto Rico received the communication from the [FOMB] to the [NTSP] in which it responds to the evaluation of the Proposed Regulations on haulage services on the island. It brings before the consideration of the Board since June 11, as required by its policy to review regulations by virtue of PROMESA, and after requesting additional information last Monday, the Bureau provided it in less than 24 hours," Pierluisi wrote.

He stated that "the Bureau will respond to the Board's observations, some of which appear to be outside the scope of the Board's own review policy. We recognize that there are legal controversies that are being elucidated both in local and federal judicial forums, and we are in the best position to work with the parties to achieve clarification for the benefit of all, and in particular the people of Puerto Rico. However, we reiterate that as far as this is clarified, the current rates and regulations are maintained until we have a final regulation, so the Bureau will continue to monitor compliance with these, as well as the other aspects under its jurisdiction."

Meanwhile, he urged truckers to desist from the strike, “since it is significantly affecting our citizens and our economy. My work team is collaborating with the Bureau and we are confident that we will achieve an adequate resolution to this controversy. We are committed to continue working with them and with the private sector, always putting Puerto Rico first."

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