Carrion and Jaresko

FOMB President José Carrión and FOMB Executive Director Natalie Jaresko at La Fortaleza >Brandon Cruz González

The two directors of the Financial Oversight and Management Board (FOMB) met that morning with new Gov. Wanda Vázquez and afterwards spoke briefly with the press, saying they hope to have a better relationship with her than they had with former Gov. Ricardo Rosselló.

Upon leaving the meeting, FOMB President José Carrión and the executive director of the federal entity, Natalie Jaresko, were met with a group of reporters at La Fortaleza. When Carrión was asked if he anticipated a better relationship with Vázquez than he had with Rosselló, he replied with a “yes, yes, yes.

“We have just met with the governor. A very good meeting. It was really preliminary to see how we could help her spread stability in Puerto Rico, help with the issues we have in common, such as promoting transparency, ”said Carrión. “We discussed countless topics. We did not delve much about anything in particular. We touched on several things and pending issues to see how we can help her in the future.”

He said that, among the issues they discussed, were debt restructuring, the sale of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, transparency and structural reforms.

Regarding the $ 123 million deficit in the Special Education program, Carrión said that “when we have confronted situations, we always look for the way, we seek to assist through the distribution of the budget or to assist with a particular agency,” Carrión said. “These meetings are taking place. There is always good will and there is always openness.”

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