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Resident Commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez resigned as the Chairmanship of the Republican Party of Puerto Rico, effective immediately, during the party’s Executive Committee monthly meeting held last night.

During the meeting, González recommended that attorney Ángel Cintrón assume the leadership for the rest of her term, which was approved unanimously by Committee. The next reorganization of the party will be in 2023.

González explained that holding two such prominent positions limits the representation of the Statehooders in various forums. An example of this is in congressional hearings, where she has to choose between participating as a member of Congress or as the chair of the Republican Party in Puerto Rico. This is a great limitation, and the congresswoman seeks to expand the resources and the Republican presence by helping in Congress, she indicated in a statement.

The Resident Commissioner, who will continue to be a member of the Republican Party, announced that, in the coming months, she will introduce new Republican leadership on the island.

After almost six years as Chair and at the beginning of her second term, she leaves a reorganized local Republican Party, The national Republican Party has also included and recognized in its last two platforms the "will of the American citizens of Puerto Rico in favor of statehood."

The new leadership of the Republican Party includes the new Chairman, Ángel Cintrón; First Co-Chair Carlos “Johnny” Méndez; Second Co-Chair José “Quiquito” Meléndez; National Committeewoman Zoraida Fonalledas and National Committeeman, former Gov. Luis Fortuño.

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