Gov. Ricardo Rosselló remains firm on all his positions claiming that he “made a commitment with the people of Puerto Rico, and I will continue to work on that commitment,” in a message to the media today addressing questions on the multiple requests for his resignation from various sectors due to the controversial contents in a chat group with other government functionaries.

The governor stated that after some time of reflection and deep evaluation, he has concluded that the best thing for Puerto Rico would be to remain in office.

Among the many questions asked by reporters, the governor was asked to explain why he should remain in office when other members of the chat have been removed from their functions, to which he responded that “I was the only person in that group chat that was elected by the People of Puerto Rico.”

In the chat, facilitated by an application called Telegram, there are various troubling contents that some said suggest various corruption schemes, including giving government contracts illegally to corporations of people that are close to the governor, including Elías Sanchez, the former director of Rosselló's political campaign.

The governor assured that he does not work with contracts specifically, only with government public policy, and that government systems should run without the interference of an individual having influence over said contracts.

Rosselló added that his administration is working on implementing measures that will allow his administration to obtain more transparency when giving contracts to any entity.

Among the measures discussed was the creation of new laws to battle the alleged corruption in his administration, the first called "Ley de Registro de Cabildeo y la Regulación de Cabildeo" (Law of Lobbying Registration and Regulation) and another, whose name was not revealed, that will be dedicated to battling subcontracting as a mechanism of subterfuge.

Additionally,  the governor refused to say who specifically realized an in-depth evaluation of the possible illegalities of the chat, which concluded that there were no crimes committed in the entirety of the 889 pages leaked.

He said the evaluation was made by private lawyers he contracted, so no public funds were used. He also stated that Justice Secretary Wanda Vázquez was not involved in the evaluation.

To questions concerning the replacement of former Government CFO, Christian Sobrino, it was divulged that José Santiago will be replacing him  and Santiago has already been confirmed as the representative of the government before the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico. Santiago will also head the Fiscal Agency and Financial Advisory Authority.

Contributing reporter for The Weekly Journal. She recently graduated from the University of Tampa where she obtained a Bachelors Degree in Communications and Journalism.

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Angel Alverio

Excellent and fair article. It express the reality of the situation as it should be. Let the readers make their conclusions. Congratulations to the press woman Claudia Guerrero!

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