University of Puerto Rico's Medical Sciences Campus (UPR-RCM by its Spanish initials).

The Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR-RCM by its Spanish initials) announced on Wednesday that the entire 2020 graduating class of the Department of Emergency Medicine successfully passed the certification of the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

"This satisfactory approval is a reflection of the fulfillment of the educational standards, and professionals of this group of doctors as leaders in emergency medicine. The residency faculty is an essential part of this achievement, as it prepares residents comprehensively both academically and clinically. Without a doubt, we are shaping the future of Emergency Medicine in Puerto Rico, the United States, and abroad through our Department of Emergency Medicine," said Dr. Segundo Rodríguez Quilichini, dean of the RCM.

The success of this certification leads the Department of Emergency Medicine to its next accreditation in 2022.

"We are pleased that the Department of Emergency Medicine continues to graduate well-trained physicians to fill the front-line positions in our emergency rooms, benefiting the entire people of Puerto Rico. We trust that very soon, all emergency rooms in the country will have doctors trained and trained in our Medical Emergencies program," said Dr. Agustín Rodríguez González, dean of the RCM's School of Medicine.

Moreover, Dr. María R. Ramos Fernández, director of the Emergency Medicine Residency Program, stated that "despite hurricanes, earthquakes or pandemics, these residents overcame all these barriers from their internship year in 2017 until their graduation in 2020. Now we are celebrating, celebrating the fruit of the harvest; 100 percent ABEM Board Pass Rate! They retain their smiles and the desire to continue working in the specialty they have cultivated, Emergency Medicine. The faculty and residents are beyond proud of your accomplishments and wish you every success in your future plans."

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