Dr. Miguel Vélez Rubio

Dr. Miguel Vélez Rubio, dean of the UPR - Bayamón Campus.

The University of Puerto Rico - Bayamón Campus (UPRB) announced today, Feb. 2, a new Bachelor of Science in Information Engineering Technology.

The degree will impact the training and development of future technology professionals in areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, network management, cybersecurity and the development of smart cities.

This unique program combines knowledge and skills in Computer Science, Information Systems, and Electronic Engineering Technology. The graduate of this degree will be able to perform as an integrator of various information technologies and will be able to analyze, develop and manage information systems, evaluate the security of the systems, as well as configure and repair computer and telecommunications equipment.

"At UPR Bayamón, we are very proud to begin offering this cutting-edge academic program. It addresses the latest developments in information technology at a crucial time for Puerto Rico. Graduates will be telecommunications experts and will master advanced mobile technologies, including the transition to the 5G network and the Internet of Things. This program will give the opportunity, whoever takes it, to stand out with their knowledge and skills in the local and international industry," said Dr. Miguel Vélez Rubio, dean of the UPRB.

The program was designed to comply with the rigorous standards established by ABET, an international crediting agency.

UPR President Jorge Haddock underscored that the new degree is part of the education system's goal to enhance students' experiences and opportunities.

"As a leading institution in Puerto Rico in Engineering, Science and Technology programs, we continue to identify areas of development and growth for our students, as well as for the development and expansion of the mission of the University and of the island's economy. This program is an example of the entrepreneurship and innovation that we promote from the University of Puerto Rico, the result of the continuous review and analysis of the curriculum and the mission of the university system, to improve the experience and strengthen the online education of our students," he stated.

Moreover, Bayamón Mayor Ramón Luis Rivera said that “this program is compatible with the projects that the municipality has been carrying out in collaboration with Engine-4 and that it will be an alternative so that young graduates of this university curriculum can put put your knowledge into practice. In addition, we will have more graduated professionals, who will have access through Engine-4 to the new technology of partner companies and to participate in the well-paid employment opportunities that they offer."

Luis Torres, co-founder of Engine-4, reiterated that the fourth industrial revolution is centered around the very concepts and technologies developed for this program.

"IoT, 5G, AI, Robotics, Machine Learning technologies are connected with computer science and their application extends to agriculture, pharmaceutical, urban development and aerospace industries," Torres said.

Those interested in enrolling in the degree, which begins in August of this year, can access: www.upr.edu/admisiones. For additional information, write to recruitment.bayamon@upr.edu.

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