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After having transformed how Puerto Ricans enjoy their favorite dishes, Uber Eats, the main platform for the delivery of prepared foods, expands its range of services by including delivery of floral arrangements. With this initiative, Uber Eats adds value to its proposal of convenience, giving users more options that make their lives easier.

“As a digital platform, we are guided by a commitment to continuous innovation, so we are always developing and integrating tools that benefit users. Uber Eats has always been a facilitator that provides new levels of convenience. With the new flower delivery option, users have in their hands an easier way to send a thoughtful gift to someone special, in addition to enjoying their favorite foods at the push of a button,” said Julie Robinson, Uber spokesperson for Panama and the Caribbean.

To send flowers, all users have to do is follow these simple steps:

● Log in to the app (or create an account) and enter the delivery address.

● Choose the flower shop from which the order will be placed.

● Select the flower arrangement and press “Add to cart”.

● To confirm the order, select “View cart” or “Pay”.

● Follow the status of the order.

This initiative is ideal for important occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day, birthdays, graduations or simply giving a thoughtful gift to a special someone; whatever the situation, Uber Eats is there to help users fulfill their obligation.

With the new flower delivery feature, Uber Eats will become an ally during Valentine's Day this February 14, as users will have the opportunity to save time without having to worry about leaving their homes and jobs to surprise a special someone.

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