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From left, PRTC Director of Promotion and Marketing, Imaris Arocho, and PRTC Executive Director Carla Campos discuss the results of the "Postales" ad campaign. >Courtesy

The most recent data shared by the Puerto Rico Tourism Co. reflect that the publicity and promotion campaign known as "Postales" of the Voy Turisteando brand resulted in increased hotel registrations among locals, surpassing the public corporation's projections before launching the campaign.

PRTC Executive Director Carla Campos explained at a roundtable on the entity's premises in Old San Juan that "Postales," launched from April to August 2019, was conceived with aims to boost local tourism in different points of interest island-wide, as well as increasing hotel registrations from residents by 15 percent.

The results compiled from April to July revealed that 305,480 locals stayed in hotels and lodges endorsed by the PRTC. The reported rise has been of 43 percent, or 92,341 residents more compared to the same data last year. The results reflect 27 percent more registrations than the original goal, or 64,143 residents more.

Campos also informed that the PRTC collected $4.8 million in revenue from April to July in room tax revenue. This number represents a 22.8 percent increase from 2018's room tax revenue.

"The results reflected an economic impact of $52.2 million in room night sales to the local economy and $4.8 million as a result of room taxes, which represents $892,400 more compared to the same period in 2018. This, thanks to the effort of all PRTC divisions, especially in the areas of Promotion and Marketing," the executive director said.

"Likewise, we are thankful to the people who understood, accepted, and supported the message that Puerto Rico is your best vacation; that our island offers us alternatives for all tastes, ages, and budgets; for a brief escapa or a more extensive period," Campos added.

The "Postales" campaign comprised of an integrated media plan including ads in radio, television, primary and regional newspapers, movie theaters, billboards, social media, and others.


Editor's note: An extended version of this story will be published on the October 16 print edition of The Weekly Journal.

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