Rossello & Wanda

Gov. Ricardo Rosselló along Secretary of Justice, Wanda Vázquez last Friday talking about the Government transition. (Courtesy La Fortaleza)

Puerto Rico Secretary of Justice, Wanda Vázquez, is the next in line to be governor after Gov. Ricardo Rosselló resignation past Wednesday.

Nevertheless, Vázquez says today she doesn't want to be governor, and hopes Rosselló apoints a Secretary of State before August 2 who could be on charge instead.

Since the island’s secretary of State, Luis Rivera Marín stepped down after the Telegram chat scandal, the governor has not named a replacement, leaving unclear who would be the governor at the end.

According to the Puerto Rican Constitution, when Gov. Rosselló resignation takes effect, Secretary of Justice will succeed him as governor after being sworn in to carry out the duties of the office until the 2020 gubernatorial elections.

Vázquez would become the second woman to serve as Puerto Rico’s governor.

THE WEEKLY JOURNAL sources said Gov. Rosselló is evaluating candidates for Secretary of State.

Sources said Rosselló's former primary challenger, Pedro Pierluisi is also being mentioned as a likely contender for the Secretary of State. Pierluisi is willing to be governor and to commit to not seek re-election in 2020, but he wants to have the president of the Senate and president of the House support.

Vázquez's comments came less than an hour after Public Affairs Secretary Anthony Maceira resigned.

Anthony Maceira

Anthony Maceira, Ports Authority Executive Director. (Carlos Rivera Giusti)

"There were many challenges that we had to face together as Puerto Ricans, although sometimes we differed," he said. "The work of each one of us must continue with the welfare of our island and its people as its north," Maceira added.

The announcement comes a day before Puerto Ricans planned another march, this time against Vázquez, who is accused of not ordering an investigation into the alleged mismanagement of supplies for hurricane victims, among other things.

Vázquez said on Friday that there is a lot of misinformation but that she cannot speak publicly about certain cases.

"The vicious attacks on my personal and professional integrity continue," she said. "The desire and agenda of some to try to undermine my credibility at this moment of transcendental importance to Puerto Rico and to destabilize the governmental order is evident."

Managing Editor for The Weekly Journal. She has 14 years of experience as a print and radio reporter, news editor and TV anchor. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Journalism from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus.

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