The Department of Health reported 25 additional deaths from COVID-19 in Puerto Rico today, bringing the death toll to 3,028 since the pandemic began in March 2020.

In the statistics offered today, the death of a child under 5 years old that occurred in January was included, after the Demographic Registry Office received yesterday from the Institute of Forensic Sciences the certification of cause of death. The forensic pathologist certified that the cause of death was due to COVID-19 associated with pneumonia.

The additional deaths reportedly occurred between last Thursday, September 9, and yesterday.

This is the second highest number of deaths as a result of the virus so far this year. In the report on August 31, 28 deaths were reported, the maximum record in a single day since the pandemic began.

Likewise, the agency indicated that 20 of the deceased were not vaccinated and all "had some type of illness."

Meanwhile, 336 new confirmed and probable positive cases were registered. The agency's website clarifies that "the number of additional confirmed COVID-19 cases since the last report does not imply that these cases correspond to the last 24 hours."

It was indicated that the total of new infections includes cases with samples taken from August 29 to September 12.

Death demographics:

Arecibo region

59-year-old man

76-year-old man

78-year-old woman

79-year-old woman

82-year-old man

82-year-old man

85-year-old woman

Bayamón region

40 year old man

58-year-old woman

66-year-old woman

78-year-old woman

83-year-old woman

83-year-old woman

Caguas region

52-year-old man

61-year-old man

Mayagüez region

53-year-old woman

53-year-old woman

54-year-old man

Metro region

43-year-old man

67-year-old woman

68-year-old man

77-year-old woman

Ponce region

5 year-old-girl

63-year-old woman

76-year-old woman

Now, the total number of cases confirmed by molecular testing (PCR) numbers 146,736 after adding 225 cases.

Probable cases total 30,399 with 111 new infections.

On the other hand, the portal reflected 355 hospitalized for covid-19, one more patient than in the past 24 hours. They are divided into 337 adults - 99 intensive and 68 ventilator connected - and 18 pediatric patients - two intensive.

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