Rafael Hernández International Airport

Entrance to the Rafael Hernández International Airport in Aguadilla 

The Puerto Rico Ports Authority (APPR) has just received an additional grant for a total of $45,246,483, to develop the construction project for the new runway at the Rafael Hernández International Airport in Aguadilla, informed the agency's executive director, Joel A. Pizá Batiz.

“This new grant joins the one announced in September last year for $24.2 million awarded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as the $30 million that Gov. Pedro Pierluisi recently managed to obtain in state funds, in order to carry out this significant project for the Aguadilla airport and for the entire western region of the island," Pizá stated in a missive.

He indicated that, with the new grant of 100 percent federal funds and state money, Ports already has about $100 million of the $130 million that is estimated to be the total cost of the project.

This "historic" federal grant consists of: $10,721,835 from entitlement funds, $30,000,000 from FAA discretionary funds, and $4,524,648 through the Airport Coronavirus Response Grant Program (ACRGP), which covers matching funds that the Ports Authority would otherwise have to cover.

"The APPR is currently working on the Credential Request (Request for Qualifications or RFQ) process evaluating the seven groups of multinational companies with a view to awarding the last quarter of 2021, and hiring in the first quarter of 2022," Pizá explained.

"The development of the Aguadilla airport is one of Governor Pedro Pierluisi's critical projects. We are extremely happy with this new grant, since, together with the one announced last year, it demonstrates the good relationship we have with the FAA and the great trust that federal agency has with Gov. Pedro Pierluisi's team. We continue to be well focused on optimizing our air facilities, in this case at the Rafael Hernández International Airport in Aguadilla, to continue contributing to the economic development of the western region and the entire island," he asserted.

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