Wanda Vázquez

Puerto Rico's new governor affirmed she will complete her term. >Brandon Cruz González

The recently sworn-in governor of Puerto Rico, Wanda Vázquez, denied on August 3 that she has negotiated her exit to be replaced by Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González.

As prominent members of the New Progressive Party are pointing to González to become Puerto Rico’s third legitimate governor in one political term, including Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz, González has offered herself to become Vázquez’s secretary of State.

This would entail that, if Vázquez were to step down, González would become the next governor by means of succession, as established in the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

However, Vázquez affirmed that she is willing to nominate González to be confirmed by the Legislature, but only as secretary of State and without aims to lead the Executive.

“I think that the most important positions that I have [vacant], having recently assumed the governorship, are the positions of secretary of State, Justice, and the chief of staff. In terms of advice and consent, they are the most pressing appointments. I have to take a decision,” Vázquez said.

Certainly, Jenniffer González’s trajectory is undoubtable. If she were available, she would have to be considered. But my governorship continues. We would have to work together because she would serve as secretary of State,” she added.

Although Vázquez said that she was open to recruiting González, she also stated that she hoped to add people who have no “political ambitions.”

“I don’t have names because I want them to be people who have no political ambitions so they can commit to the people. We have a very heavy crisis. The people need answers and if we place someone with political ambitions, we will not accomplish what the people asked for,” she asserted.

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