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- This is a breaking news story.

A major transformer fire at a substation that serves the San Juan metro area left an estimated 800,000 customers initially without power, according to officials. That figure was different from that of the power utility, which estimated the number of customers that lost power at around 370,000.

Authorities said the unexplained explosion occurred at 6:11 pm at the Monacillos substation.

No injuries were reported and fire, police and other emergency personnel were at the scene.

As of 10 pm on Thurssday night, power had been restored to around 100,000 customers, according to Wayne Stensby, the CEO of Luma Energy, which has taken over the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority's (PREPA) transmission and distribution system, effective June 1.

The incident occurred mere hours after Luma also reported a cyberattack on its website.

Luma took over amid protests from some sectors. There have been reports of violence at protests and sabotage, such as those of the company's trucks.

The FBI is investigating the incident and Gov. Pedro Pierluisi said if it is determined that the explosion was found to be caused by sabotage, then those responsible would be held to account.

Officials said repairs could take an estimated two weeks.

The Oversight Board issued a statement about the "explosion of yet undetermined nature," saying that "hopes for power to return as soon as possible, and will work closely with all relevant authorities to address the events that sparked this sad, but hopefully brief, chapter in the transformation of Puerto Rico's energy system."

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