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The arrival of an atmospheric disturbance implies adjustments to daily living, especially in terms of food. To help guide our readers about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet during and after a storm or hurricane, we share valuable nutritional information provided by the Puerto Rico Food and Nutrition Commission.

They explain that it is important that individuals maintain a base diet of 1,500 calories per day per person, because this provides the body with the necessary energy to perform basic survival functions.

Once the food supplies improve after a storm, the maintenance diet can reach up to 1,900 calories per day per person, a level that allows a satisfactory state of health.

Of course, you will wonder how 1,500 or 1,900 calories a day translates in terms of meals with a limited menu of mostly canned foods. Easily. The Food and Nutrition Commission suggests a varied menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, combined with fresh fruits, vegetables and meats, as well as packaged meats.

Breakfast options


Where would we be without coffee? (Gabriel López Albarrán / The Weekly Journal)

• Orange juice, oatmeal, milk, and coffee or hot chocolate

• A cocktail of canned fruits, toast, cheese spread, milk and coffee or hot chocolate

• Canned mandarin oranges, cereal with milk, coffee or hot chocolate

• Apple sauce, bread, canned ham, milk, coffee or hot chocolate

• Canned pears, bread, cheese spread, milk, coffee or hot chocolate

Lunch or Dinner options

• Stewed canned salmon, rice, canned carrots, apple sauce, milk or water

• Canned spaghetti with meatballs, canned green beans, canned mixed fruit, milk or water

• Pasta with canned chicken, canned corn, apple sauce, milk or water

• Rice with canned sausages, canned mixed vegetables, orange juice, milk or water

• Canned ham, rice, stewed garbanzos, canned fruit, milk or water

• Sardines in their sauce, root vegetables or potatoes, canned carrots, canned pineapple, milk or water

• Corned beef, rice, canned corn, canned tropical fruit, milk or water

• Canned stewed chicken, rice with red beans, canned corn, canned pears, milk or water

• Macaroni with stewed ham, canned green beans, canned fruit cocktail, milk or water

• Rice with canned sausages, stewed White beans, canned mixed vegetables, fruit juice, milk or water

Reporter for The Weekly Journal. She is the Editor for Mírame and Bienestar Total magazines. She is a journalist with more than 20 years of experience as a reporter and editor. Yaira holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications.

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