House Inspection, CRIM

The Municipal Revenue Collection Center (CRIM by its Spanish acronym) presented the project that seeks to update the agency's data by identifying unregistered properties.

According to the 2017 cadastral map, the agency has managed to identify 239,338 plots without appraisal, tax registration or identified owner, as well as 517,505 properties not appraised for tax purposes, and more than 25,951 unregistered swimming pools.

"The benefit of the registry is to do justice to taxpayers with properties that comply with their CRIM obligations, identify evaders and who can benefit from a residential exemption," said Orlando Otero from Omugen Engineering LLC, who explained how the project will be executed, although its start date is unknown.

The information system will compare the data with the 2017 cadastral map and with those to be carried out soon, to determine if there are changes in the property's structure. The property owner will then be notified in writing of the identification, and will have 30 days to answer and validate the information. If they do not agree with the information collected -which will include aerial photos of the visible changes in the structure-, they must send the documents and evidence that clarifies the status of the property through the CRIM's website.

Likewise, people with properties affected by hurricanes or earthquakes that suffered significant changes or no longer exist, must notify it.

The CRIM will take on the plots first, then the houses, and then the improvements that were not taxed. Taxpayers will not lose the exemption, but they will pay for the surplus after the appraisal, explained Javier García, director of Restructuring at CRIM. He added that the collection of taxes to be paid by those who have made extensions to their property will be prospective and not retroactive. However, current law that requires payment up to five years ago applies.

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