2020 Pre-Candidates, Electoral Code

Political figures came to La Fortaleza to ask the governor to veto an amendment to the Electoral Code. >Carlos Rivera Giusti

Representatives of Citizen Victory Movement (MVC by its Spanish initials), the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), and the Project Dignity Party, among others, gathered outside La Fortaleza to present a letter to Gov. Wanda Vázquez, petitioning the governor to veto the bill that would amend Puerto Rico’s Electoral Code.

“Today, we are united in this effort to face the approval of the Electoral Code, just 168 days before the elections, and request a meeting with [Vázquez] to address these points on how we can make legislation in consensus with all the political actors on the island and which reflects the will of the voters,” said Alexandra Lúgaro, gubernatorial candidate under the MVC.

Lúgaro was joined by Project Dignity’s César Vázquez; former electoral commissioner Héctor Luis Acevedo; and Ana Rivera Lassen, candidate for the Senate under the MVC, among others.

The missive was signed by PDP President Aníbal José Torres and that collective’s gubernatorial candidates, Eduardo Bhatia, Charlie Delgado, and Carmen Yulín Cruz; independent Sen. José Vargas Vidot; former independent gubernatorial candidate Manuel Cidre, and independent gubernatorial candidate Eliezer Molina.

“The electoral process must maintain certain guarantees: first, that it be by consensus, the effective participation of all those affected, and that it be something transparent,” Vázquez stated.

Details on the proposed amendment:

• Launch an applicable electronic voting pilot plan for absentee voting and people with disabilities in the November general election.

• General implementation of electronic voting in 2024.

• Authorizes the symbolic vote for the President of the United States in 2024.

• Gradually eliminate the largest number of Permanent Registration Boards (JIP).

• Give greater power to the governor's own New Progressive Party (NPP) in the State Elections Commission (CEE).

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