Super VacuTour (Mar. 31)

The "Super VacuTour" was organized by VOCES and the local Health Department.

Puerto Rico Health Secretary Carlos Mellado informed 10,696 COVID-19 vaccines were administered Wednesday during the “Super VacuTour” event at the Convention Center in San Juan.

The initial goal was to vaccinate 10,000 people, but many more people showed up, even though they did not have an appointment, after social media reported the vaccination drive had been opened to include adults, 21 and older.

“The effort, the work and collaboration of all those who worked yesterday, many of them volunteers, was excellent. At the end of the day, despite all the challenges, we made it. Thank you! #PuertoRicoSeVacuna,” Mellado wrote on his Twitter account.

Nearing midnight, Mellado published in his social media a photo of the last person vaccinated at the Convention Center, Arnaldo González, whose brother died three weeks ago due to COVID-19.

Hundreds of people flocked to the Convention Center in Miramar yesterday afternoon after it was circulated through social media that vaccination without previous appointment had been allowed. The secretary of Health had to plead people not to come without an appointment.

Lilliam Rodríguez, spokesperson of VOCES, who had organized the “VacuTour” along with the Department of Health, assured she has had similar situations in almost all COVID-19 vaccination events.

As informed, attendees received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which —unlike the Pfizer and Moderna alternatives— only requires one shot instead of two doses.

Vaccination Progress

According to the Health Department's online coronavirus dashboard, updated today, 1,008,032 COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered. Of these, 645,719 people have received at least one shot. The breakdown of these doses is at follows:

  • Johnson & Johnson: 15,733
  • Moderna: 245,282
  • Pfizer: 384,704

Meanwhile, 362,413 individuals have been fully vaccinated. This information is compiled by the Puerto Rico Electronic Immunization System.

To learn more about the vaccines, the inoculation phase, or how to apply for vaccination, visit

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