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Puerto Rico’s weather at the peak of summer generally ranges between the mid- to late eighties (or late 30s, if you’re using Celsius). Unlike other U.S. jurisdictions in the mainland with similar temperatures, the island’s tropical weather makes the environment much more humid, which makes it feel even warmer.

In order to cool off, Sylvette Carrasquillo, from wine specialty store El Hórreo de V. Suárez, recommended to THE WEEKLY JOURNAL a list of wines that gracefully merge taste with refreshment for a potent cure against the sweltering heat.

Carrasquillo explained that, although most Puerto Rican consumers prefer red wine, it is not necessarily ideal for the summer.

“In Puerto Rico, in spite of it being a tropical island, red wine is the top pick. Incredibly so, when you consider our weather,” she said.

However, it doesn’t have to be omitted entirely. Carrasquillo recommends pairing red wine with a sizzling barbecue. Her top three red wines for outdoor grills are Barbed Wire, Joel Gott Cabernet and Batch.

The connoisseur affirmed that summer in Puerto Rico provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with other alternatives.

“People tend to think of Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, but there are so many other alternatives—Albariño, Torrontés, Verdejo and also sparkling wines and rosés,” she said.

For beach or nautical activities, Carrasquillo points to white and sparkling wines, which she stressed must be served as cold as possible to optimize the refreshment factor.

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For people who are just beginning to savor white wines, perhaps start off with a classic Sauvignon. Carrasquillo recommends the Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc. As for those whose palettes are more accustomed to this type of vino, Álvarez listed the Famille Hughes: Classic Gewurztraminer 2013, Dr. Burklin-wold: Burklin Estate Riesling 2015 (dry), Louis Jadot: Chablis 2014, and Les Tuillieres: Sancerre 2016.

Moreover, her picks for sparkling wines are Brut Dargent, Champagne Taittinger and Zonin.

“Although red wines are an alternative that will always appease and will always be consumed, I believe that it is the right time to experiment, to get familiar with different grapes and to let go of that fear,” Carrasquillo affirmed.


Editor's note: This story was published on the July 10 print edition of The Weekly Journal.

Reporter for The Weekly Journal. She is a journalist with experience in social media management and digital marketing. Giovanna is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Digital Narratives at Sacred Heart University in San Juan.

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