TGIF! Really?

A dinner party with people from work. Your friends from high school are getting together-again! There is a big cultural “fiesta” this weekend. The list goes on.

Do you really want to go to all those activities? Do you really know your emotional needs in relation to social interactions?

We live in a society where amusement and entertainment are an essential part of our personal and professional activities. The demands for our presence in group events are endless. Many professionals are living in the “gig” economy where networking is considered essential to survive. Influenced by media and other organizations, we are always “invited” to the latest promotional event or festival. There seems to be no way out of the “socialite lifestyle” even in our place of work. The demand is continuous and overflowing.

The Birkman Method measures behavior utilizing nine components. One of these components is social energy. As defined by Birkman, social energy relates to sociability, approachability and preference for group and team participation.

The method also elaborates on how we present behavior that is effective for us, the underlying needs of the specific behavior components and the stress behavior we exhibit when these needs are not met.

Statistics from millions of users show that there is a permanent gap between our usual behavior and our needs regarding social interaction. In other words, as a society, we give great importance to social interactions and invest a lot of our energy into the social element when what our inner self really wants is some time alone or just with a few people. In many cases, it may be really beneficial to our well being to limit the amount of these activities and/or people we include in them. In other words, we are forgetting we need time to recharge and we can do so by having more time for ourselves.

What’s the flip side? What could happen if we keep responding to all social interaction demands? Stress behavior appears and it is twofold. On one hand, we may become “extremely social” trying to comply or fit in. It may work for a while but soon we realize that we feel extenuated and do not know why.

On the other hand, we may appear detached and avoid social interactions. Without knowing why we might evade events indiscriminately and miss those that may serve us well.

Self-awareness will bring us the capacity to enjoy life at a whole new level. Once we know our underlying emotional needs we will be able to offer our best self at work and in our personal life. Each of us is perfect in our own way. Find your perfect self!

Usually only available to big corporations globally, the Birkman Method is now available in Puerto Rico to corporations and individuals.

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