Ángel Vélez

Ángel Vélez, musical director

The Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra (OSPR, Spanish initials) will celebrate the magic of cinema with the special Hollywood Magic concert. The concert will be directed by the renowned musical directors of the film mecca, Ángel Vélez and Conrad Pope.

The long-awaited event will take place on August 7 at 7:00 p.m. at the Pablo Casals Symphony Hall in Santurce, and tickets are on sale at Ticketcenter and at the Luis A Ferré Fine Arts Center box office.

"I am delighted to return to San Juan and to the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra, and to bring my dear friend, the legendary Conrad Pope from Hollywood, for this Hollywood Magic concert to be held on August 7th. I am excited to bring to Puerto Rico a selection of world premiere Hollywood musical pieces to be performed by OSPR, a world-class ensemble," Vélez stated. The event will feature a new generation of musicals as well as maestros.

The musical presentation will be accompanied by visual effects and spectacular lighting design. The repertoire will include songs from The Mandalorian, The Umbrella Academy, Tom & Jerry, The Queen's Gambit, Titanic, among others.

"The concert will be the culmination of the week-long Los Angeles Film Directing Intensive (LAFCI), a workshop featuring award-winning film and television music composers who will spend the week working with orchestra musicians, Mr. Pope and myself," Vélez explained.

The Hollywood Magic musical show is the culmination of the summer session of the Los Angeles Film Directing Intensive Event (LAFCI), a project designed for students seeking more podium time to improve their directing technique and rehearsal skills with a live orchestra. This Summer Session includes two workshops per day, for a week, culminating in the live concert, in which each participant conducts their own piece with OSPR, and Ángel Vélez will conduct the second half, along with Conrad Pope.

Vélez has been director of the Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival, the American Society of Cinematographers Awards at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Centennial Gala, Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rhineland-Pfalz, among others. In addition, he has recorded for the Südwestrundfunk (SWR) labels in Germany and Varèse Sarabande Records. Currently, he works on projects such as Jane the Virgin, Family Guy, Star Wars Rebels, The Mandalorian, among others.

Meanwhile, Pope is a legendary Hollywood music director and film composer. Some of his works include Jurassic Park, The Polar Express, The Matrix, Indiana Jones, Amistad, Peter Pan, King Kong, some episodes of Star Wars and Harry Potter, among others.

Tickets for this concert are now available at Ticketcenter and at the Santurce Fine Arts Center box office.

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