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My husband and I moved to Puerto Rico eight years ago to retire.

Not being fluent in Spanish adds a dimension of confusion. Although we went to an expeditor to obtain our license, it took six months. Therefore, this article will better explain the process.

CESCO has a new system in place to apply for the Real ID. October 2020 is the deadline to obtain this card. After this date you will have to travel with your passport. You will also need this identification or your passport when you visit any federal facilities.

Let’s go step by step. CESCO has a website you can log on to in order make an appointment:

The website is in Spanish and I had three of my Puerto Rican friends try to help me. I was lucky on my third friend.

Now I had to collect all the documents that are required. Please note: When you go and you are missing one document you will have to return. Therefore, make sure you bring the correct items on this list!

1. You need to first visit a Colecturia to buy stamps. We learned later that many branches of Banco Popular and other banks also sell these stamps.The cost for the stamps for a driver’s license: $19.00 plus $12.00. You must have these stamps before you go to the location.

2. Go on line to print the application: - Services - Forms - DTOP-DIS-260.

3. Bring your existing driver’s license. You will be required to surrender it in order to obtain your Puerto Rican license or Real ID.

4. Original Social Security card which cannot be laminated.

5. American passport.

6. Proof of local address: utility bill or local bank statement dated no more than six months and lease contract or deed.

7. Driver’s record from your state’s Department of Vehicles.

8. VISA or Green Card, if applicable.

9. Medical release from your doctor. Download the form DTOP-DIS-260 online and bring to your doctor to complete.

Please look at the photo below. The one on the left has a star on the right corner. This is the Real ID, the other is strictly for driving.

Good Luck. Next Step by Step: How to purchase a car and a marbete.

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