Lemonade Day

(Courtesy by Lemonade Day)

Hundreds of young entrepreneurs island wide had their first experience creating and operating a business on May 4 during Puerto Rico’s first Lemonade Day. More than 750 kids ranging from preschool to high school, signed-up to participate in Lemonade Day Puerto Rico, an initiative hosted by the Center for Economic Renewal, Growth and Excellence (CRECE, for its acronym in Spanish), a non-profit organization that cultivates solutions that foster self-reliance and growth in Puerto Rico.

The program, which was supported by teachers, parents, mentors, corporate sponsors and local businesses, featured a comprehensive curriculum to teach young entrepreneurs how to create and operate their own lemonade stand. Lemonade Day’s four objectives are: 1) introduce basic financial education to private and public-school curriculums; 2) promote entrepreneurship as a key element to reactivate the island’s economy; 3) teach the values of responsibility, self-sufficiency and community development to younger generations; and 4) promote mentorship and family union.

“The creativity and spirit of entrepreneurship of students and mentors was evident during the first edition of Lemonade Day. The program exceeded all expectations demonstrating that the seed of entrepreneurship in Puerto Rico is alive and ready to grow. Our deepest gratitude to the participants and sponsors for such a successful and sweet experience”, said Natalia Subirá, director of Lemonade Day Puerto Rico

Meanwhile, Tere Nolla, executive director of CRECE, stated that Lemonade Day Puerto Rico would definitely be back in 2020 and invited youth and mentors from schools and youth organizations to register and participate in the program’s second round. “While visiting various lemonade stands throughout the San Juan metropolitan area, we clearly saw the spark of creativity and spirit of generosity that stems from the young participants. All of them demonstrated the capacity to achieve prosperity through hard work and self-reliance. The commitment and support of parents, teachers, mentors, sponsors and local businesses was key to the success of the program in Puerto Rico. I invite all of you to join Lemonade Day to continue building a strong generation of future entrepreneurs and business owners”, concluded Ms. Nolla.

Since 2007, more than 1 million youth in the United States and Canada have participated in Lemonade Day. In 2018, sixty-six cities took part in the program that promotes leadership, entrepreneurship, empowerment, planning, philanthropy and decision-making skills.

For more information about Lemonade Day Puerto Rico visit https://www.lemonadeday.org/puerto-rico

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