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The gastronomic scene in Condado was shaken up once again with the opening of Crazy Pulpo a little over a month ago.

THE WEEKLY JOURNAL had a chance to visit the restaurant and tour the facilities with the owners, Luis Dana and Melanie González, who gave insight into their new endeavor.

“We have specialties like the ‘pulpo a lo crazy’ (crazy pulpo) and the ‘mariscada fría’ (cold crustaceans),” said Dana.

The “pulpo a lo crazy” is a braised octopus tentacle served with “criolla” sauce and accompanied with “malanga” chips; whilst the “mariscada fría” is a dish with Alaskan crab, jumbo shrimp, delicious lobster, crab salad and ceviche in a passionfruit sauce. The “mariscada” comes with cocktail sauce, tartar sauce and melted butter for the diner to enjoy with his crustaceans.

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The restaurateur went on to mention other popular dishes offered on the menu like the bacon wrapped shrimp, “salmorejo de jueves” (a crab-based soup) served with “arepas”, “cartucho” salad (queen conch salad) and the red snapper which may be stuffed with either “mofongo” or “arroz mampostero”.

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He also said that the most important thing is to offer fresh foods and that although the restaurant is mainly seafood, they do offer premium meats like skirt steak.

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The Locale

Located at 1025 Ashford Ave., Crazy Pulpo has been designed to be cozy yet elegant, a conscious choice meant to prefigure the gastronomic experience.

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In keeping with that idea, they designed a comfortable reception area and piano bar which features live music on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays starting at 8 p.m. Diners are invited to stay and hang out either before or after dinner.

The marine style chosen for the restaurant is evident throughout the place; from the lighting to the colors and the wallpaper. The owners want guests to feel as if they are inside a submarine, even when at the bar, which is meant to look somewhat like it was attacked by kraken, the enormous mythological creature which is a squid to some and an octopus to others.

Crazy Pulpo also has a dining room with elegant “criolla” style tile in shades of white, gray and navy which can host anywhere from 12 to 20 people.


After walking through this dining room there is another dining space with a bar that can seat up to 40 people. This room also aludes to a submarine, featuring wallpaper that looks like an old map from the times of the kraken and a warmer color palette which brings out the steel accents on the bar.

At the end of the restaurant rests the main dining room which offers a privileged view of the Atlantic Ocean.

According to Dana, the name “Crazy Pulpo” came to him while talking with a friend on a trip to the Sonoma Valley in California. It was at that moment that he decided the name of his newest venture, which took almost eight months to get off the ground.

The restaurant can seat 90 people and opens Sunday to Thursday from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. For more information, call 787-646-0003.

Reporter for The Weekly Journal. She is also a reporter for Mírame and Bienestar Total magazines. She received her bachelor’s degree in Communications from Sacred Heart University in San Juan.

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