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After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 28, healthy living became a priority for Sofia Vergara, the actress, comedienne, model and entrepreneur. Describing this chapter of her life as “dramatic,” the woman who plays Gloria Delgado on ABC’s TV show, “Modern Family,” now lives every moment to its fullest while prioritizing her healthy lifestyle.

“It was all very dramatic for me. I was young and Manolo (her son) was very little,” said Vergara, who is now a spokesperson for AbbVie Pharmaceutical’s Follow the Script campaign.

“In my case, the doctors caught the disease early and I was able to get my thyroid removed successfully. However, I now have to take a pill every day to keep my hypothyroidism under control,” added Vergara, who also had to undergo chemotherapy as part of her treatment.

It is because of this experience that Toti, as some call her, tries to live as healthily as possible. It is through this lifestyle that she feels well enough to carry on with all the roles in her life: mother, wife, actress, model and now entrepreneur, as she is launching her own brand of clothes.

“If I do not take care of myself, go to the doctor and take my medication, everything gets more complicated. Within Hollywood, I am well known for veering off script and improvising, but this is not the approach I take when it comes to my health. I always make sure to ‘follow the script’ and do exactly as I am told by my doctor. This is really important to me because life cannot be enjoyed without health,” added Vergara.

New Project

Sofia Margarita Vergara has been an actress for over 25 years and, in that time, she has been nominated for awards like the Emmys and the Screen Actors Guild.

This hard-working actress, originally from Colombia, has grown to become one of the most important Latin people in the entertainment industry.

Sofia has demonstrated that she has real talent and is much more than a pretty face with an incredible body.

Getting to where she is now has not happened on its own; it has taken work and sacrifice. However, Sofia is always up for any new adventure and willing to take on risks, as she did when she became a single mother at a young age. She prizes and embodies the independent, hard-working, strong woman of today.

As a matter of fact, she sees these same great qualities of hers in other female family members and that was what inspired her to launch Sofia Jeans by Sofia Vergara, her most recent endeavor.

Her line, which is focused on women feeling confident about themselves and their body types, includes pants, skirts, jackets and tops in sizes that range from 0 to 3X. She wishes for women to celebrate their bodies while staying fashionable.

Notwithstanding, jeans are the main attraction of the line. To Vergara, jeans are “the most indispensable item in every woman’s closet” because of their versatility.

Among the available jean styles are the high-waisted and skinny Rosa Curvy; the straight-legged Veronica Straight; and the mid-rise ankle skinny known as the Sofia Skinny, which is Vergara’s favorite. The jeans are made with quality denim that adjusts to women’s curves without stretching out and bear the names of women in Sofia’s family.

The jeans are available in an assortment of washes and looks, from the very clean denim look to the distressed one that’s all the rage nowadays.

Sofia’s collection also includes skirts and an extensive array of jackets, tops and blouses. Some of the styles bear the “third eye” motif, which Vergara believes to be a “symbol of strength, good luck and protection.”

“Designing this clothing line has been a dream come true. This collection is meant to make women look and feel great,” said Sofia.

The Sofia Jeans line will debut in Puerto Rico’s Walmart stores before the rest of the United States.

It is worth noting that this is not Vergara’s first entrepreneurial venture as she also has a perfume line, available at Walmart; she also designs lingerie, shoes and furniture.

Sofia on the Web

Also launching at the same time as the jean line will be Sofia’s website, The wife of fellow actor Joe Mangianello confesses that she is a fan of social media, favoring Instagram.

“I love to publish pictures and share my stories. I have been having a blast on social media and, for this reason, have decided to take it to the next level with my own website,” she added.

Vergara, recently recognized by Forbes as the highest paid actress in television and one of the top-earning actresses worldwide, invites everyone to visit the website, which she has designed to be a sort of journal or diary. In it she will share pictures, personal information and all the latest happenings of her life. She also hopes her fans will offer feedback on what they hope to see more of on the site, be they fashion tips, recipes or moments with her family.

Although Sofia admits that she doesn’t cook, she does admit to eating everything in moderation so she could share some of her favorite recipes. Ever conscious about all the changes that come with age, she also admits that she needs to work out a bit more in order to enjoy the sweets that she loves.

Reporter for The Weekly Journal. She is also a reporter for Mírame and Bienestar Total magazines. She received her bachelor’s degree in Communications from Sacred Heart University in San Juan.

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