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It is only when you have been to the edge of existence that you can understand the need and desperation of wanting to celebrate every single day as if it were a miracle. This is precisely how Puerto Rican singer and songwriter Draco Rosa has felt since he beat cancer in 2011. The diagnosis shook him up but it also taught him about “feeling your life”.

The songwriter talked to us about how he had to learn to silence his intellect and his ego in order to give way to his intuition, something he has been arduously working on lately because, for him, both of those lead men to perdition.

“I realize that intellect is important when it comes to making decisions, but at this time in my life I am more focused on feeling alive, which keeps me in tune with my intuition. I am right where I want to be, I feel very connected to nature and my present,” said Draco to THE WEEKLY JOURNAL.

Last November, Draco’s latest album, Monte Sagrado, won the Latin Grammy for Best Rock Album of 2019.

Although Draco continues excelling, he assured us that his life is about more than just that, it’s about being blessed and embarking on new adventures. He went on to tell us an anecdote that to him is the epitome of “daring to live”.

In 2019, he was flying to Nevada to film a music video when he was given the chance to meet with a shaman. He described the experience as incredible and went on to say that in his journey to wellness, serenity and growth he had realized that as one ages, one starts losing the will to explore.

“Sometimes, when you are in a relationship, you feel like you are in possession of something or like your partner is killing your intuition, and the truth is that nothing lasts forever. The only thing we have, and the only thing that exists is the now, this moment, thinking about the future… what for? Nobody knows what the future will bring, the past is gone and the future will never be because if you live in the present you live your life at its fullest,” he stated, convinced that the soul doesn’t die and that what’s important in life is to live without fear while sharing every good moment with the people around you.

Nowadays, Draco spends most of his time at his farm, Hacienda Horizonte, in Utuado. He says he’s enjoying having energy and “humbly wandering around, exploring and understanding more about plants and spending time with the family, “ he said, while also noting that he wants to continue enjoying ordinary, every day moments.

“I am so happy with this life; riding horses, driving my bike and sharing my energy. This is a blessing, to be able to recapture my innocence. Just yesterday I was walking with the horse around the farm and eating rambutan and said to myself ‘Wow, this is life!’,” he said, also adding that he no longer takes sleeping aids.

Do you think that having cancer and living through so many difficult moments had as its ultimate purpose to awaken your spirituality?

You know, it was a crazy time…I lived so many moments filled with uncertainty, with doubt and horrible fear. Of course, I started to believe that this all happened so that I could work on my spirit, my soul. I had to be there, in that moment; it was necessary because I was a mere seedling until I turned 50, and now I am a flower in the field. Do you understand that metaphor? There will be storms and a thousand problems even when you are just a flower in a field but I am alive and, to me, that is incredible, merely being able to get up in the mornings. I feel the voltage, the energy.

He realizes that there are those who may think he wants to live in a bubble.

Yes, I am desperately searching for light and trying to live in my happiness. Little by little I gain more satisfaction out of living happily and in plenitude. I live that bubble!,” he said.

How have been dealing with the recent separation from your wife of 28 years, Ángela Alvarado?

She is the love of my life. Knowing that 90 percent of the diseases come from our minds, I needed to find my truth, my healing, what are you supposed to do if your partner doesn’t understand that? It was a hard decision to make.

He went on to add that his search took him all the way to a silent retreat in California at the beginning of 2019, and later to a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. He describes these as his attempts at rescuing his soul, as enriching experiences that help him “live his life”.

What did you learn from these experiences?

Although It was hard to be silent, I got used to it. I read a lot about saints and Kundalini yoga, a discipline that works on your body through exercise and meditation, developed by yogi Bhajan. I learned to breathe, a natural process that we give no mind to but that means life to our whole body. I now know how important it is for my body to breathe every morning, to be hit with life that way. I also learned a lot about self-healing and gratitude. I really want to achieve self-healing, I am not looking for a religion. We all have feelings and dreams and cannot go against what we feel, there’s only one life and we are in this paradise so we can live it.

Staying Busy

Aside from undertaking new projects on his farm – he wishes to produce other organic products aside from coffee – Draco is currently working on his new show, to take place at District Live! on Nov. 2020.

Another project he wishes to keep working on is his foundation, Vox Fort Alliance. To him this is another one of his life’s missions, to contribute to the healing of other cancer patients, especially those who may need monetary assistance with their bone marrow transplants.

“It’s one of the easiest ways to give life, and it is important to let other patients know that the process is not as painful as it is made out to be,” added Draco.

He’s aware that he was able to fight his cancer because he had the financial resources to do so and, through his foundation, he wishes to assist those that are not so lucky.

We will start seeing more of him at events like his “Larga Vida” festival in Dorado, where he promoted holistic methods, offered talks and yoga lessons.

Because healing is of utmost importance to him, he also published a book titled “The Secret to Life Based on Plants”, a collaboration with nutritionist Nena Niessen.

He is also dedicating himself to composing music that will bring about healing.

“After “Vagabundo” in 1996 and “Monte Sagrado” in 2018, I wanted to get closer to that type of music. I read about mantras, Gregorian chants, about things that have always been around but that are new to me. I’m still at the beginning of this journey, of this awakening, and am humbly waiting to feel and to share what I’ve learned: to live life,” he concluded.

Reporter for The Weekly Journal. She is the Editor for Mírame and Bienestar Total magazines. She is a journalist with more than 20 years of experience as a reporter and editor. Yaira holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications.

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