Em Vite

The newest socializing app that aims to connect people with people, people with businesses, and businesses with businesses has arrived to Puerto Rico, and it was built from scratch by Puerto Rican individuals.

A group of five doctors and two entrepreneurs, Robert Fournier, Gustavo González, Luis Lugo, Rolando Alvarado and Miguel Alejandro Echevarría, all friends, decided to launch the app with the hopes of creating a magnified network through which, with the use of emojis, you can connect to individuals with similar interests and plans.

The way it works is, -very similar to Tinder and LinkedIn, you log in-, with a search engine and a filter you can select the age of the people you desire to meet, the gender and the mile radius you are willing to travel to meet them. Then, you select the emojis of the activity you are interested in. Once you find what you’re looking for, a chat room can be used to contact the prospects. The company is also working on adding gender-neutral options for individuals within the LGBTQ community.

“Right now we are in the trial phase, we are really open to feedback and recommendations. This app really has the potential to infiltrate many different industries and markets, as it uses the same algorithm and coding technology that apps like Air BnB and Uber use. We would like to launch in Jan. 2020,” said co-founder Roberto Fournier.

The app, targeted mostly at individuals who are 18-32 years of age, is available to download for free and all premium features are free as well, for now. Once the app is launched in the international market, which the group hopes will include the U.S., major cities in South America like Colombia and a few cities in Europe as well, premium features, like Ghost Mode, a setting where you can see what everyone else is up to but no one can see you, will have an extra cost.

For businesses, a premium feature could be to pay extra to have your business listed when people search for places to eat for example, and the further the mile radius, the more you pay. The idea is to have your business show up in as many search engine results as possible.

Once this trial phase is done, the group plans on aggressively expanding the business side of the app, a venture they plan on conquering as the ripe investment atmosphere in Puerto Rico indicates the perfect conditions to keep exploring. According to Fournier, there really are no limits with the app, as the emoji possibilities are endless. The app currently features 32 emojis that were all personally designed. In the next update, the app will introduce 100 new ones, including a book emoji targeted at university students for the interaction and socialization that involves planning study dates and the like.

“That student world is a huge opportunity for expansion as this market always represents many different areas in which companies can grow,” said Fournier.

One of the Puerto Rican companies that designed the app is called PIXNABI Lab, a software development company who also designed RONPON, a Puerto Rican delivery service app and website that lets customers choose items from a convenience store and have them delivered to their home, like food delivery apps but with a supermarket.

“Technology means constant evolution, so we urge Puerto Rico users to collaborate and review us. We will grow through our local user’s recommendations. We want to know the opinion of Puerto Rico users, facing the international release early next year. Puerto Rico has been chosen as our focus group to strengthen the application before its worldwide presentation,” said Amilcar Lugo, one of EmVite’s co-founders, in a press release.

With endless emoji designing opportunities, the entrepreneurs hope to eventually cross over into the areas of tourism, party management and entertainment. For now, the company is focused on training salespeople who will pitch the app to investors.

EmVite is available for iOS and Android, and it can be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store and the Google Market. To know more about the app you can visit emvite.com or search on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for Emvite.

Contributing reporter for The Weekly Journal. She recently graduated from the University of Tampa where she obtained a Bachelors Degree in Communications and Journalism.

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