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The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP by its Spanish acronym) announced on July 17 an alliance with Brands of Puerto Rico to expand local art markets and to offer new tools so that Puerto Rican craftsmen can sell their works on a global scale.

ICP Executive Director Carlos R. Ruiz Cortés explained that the agreement will allow for handicrafts, which can normally be acquired in the ICP’s physical store, to be available henceforth through Brands of Puerto Rico’s website.

“With this alliance, we are giving greater exposure to the art of our artisans in the global markets. This integration of crafts in e-commerce is aimed toward increased demand of Puerto Rican products; especially, to satisfy the diaspora’s need to consume local products, which would otherwise be out of their reach,” Ruiz Cortés said via press release.

“We must take advantage of the benefits that technology offers us to be able to provide better tools to our artisans and their art. Brands of Puerto Rico gives that opportunity to serve as a showcase for our art and culture,” the ICP official added.

This way, Ruiz Cortés asserted, the Institute can continue to perform its role as the primary cultural manager, complying with its organic policy and employing new methods to support and provide visibility to local talent.

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Brands of Puerto Rico is a subsidiary of Brands of America, which unifies efforts for the marketing, sale, logistics, and positioning of quality local products that appeal to global consumers.

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