Puma Gas Station

With the truckers' strike in Puerto Rico now in its second day, the United Gasoline Retailers said around 200 gas stations around the island have run out of gas, due to a lack of deliveries and many consumers flocking to fill up their tanks.

If the strike continues, there could be around 400 gas stations tomorrow running out of the precious fuel.

Many consumers have also made a run for supplies at many of Puerto Rico's supermarkets. A local resident told THE WEEKLY JOURNAL that she tried to go to a Costco store but the lines were " horrendous." 

Rafael Mercado, president of the United Gasoline Retailers, told local media that he is asking the Puerto Rico government to activate the National Guard to help guarantee gas distribution at stations islandwide.

The strike stems from the controversy regarding proposed rate hikes for truckers and to whom those rates would apply.

No movement towards an agreement has been reported among the sides involved.

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