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Trailer Bridge provides ocean transport between the U.S. and the Caribbean with its fleet of ocean-going deck barges. >Courtesy

Trailer Bridge Inc., headquartered in Jacksonville, FL., announced today it has signed a 20-year lease agreement with Puerto Rico Ports Authority for the Army Terminal. This is the company's first long-term agreement with the port since its inception, signaling Trailer Bridge's continued commitment to providing weekly sailings to support shipper's needs to and from the island.

"For 30 years we have been serving Puerto Rico and this agreement solidifies our strong relationship with our partners there as we continue to grow our service offerings to the island," said Trailer Bridge CEO Mitch Luciano. "We're a growing organization but our heartbeat is the people of Puerto Rico. They are a very passionate culture and we take that passion into every aspect of our business from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and all across North America."

Over the past two years, Trailer Bridge has made significant investments in the terminal infrastructure to provide customers with an efficient and seamless shipping experience. Terminal upgrades have included the installation of new lighting, new pavement, a refurbished ramp, and new offices for employees and customers. Trailer Bridge also implemented a new terminal operating system to increase visibility for equipment and cargo and partnered with a new security firm to provide a safer workplace.

"Transactions like this promote cost-efficient operations not only for the company but for Puerto Rico itself. We have been working closely to facilitate the construction projects to maximize flow and efficiency within their terminal operations," said Puerto Rico Port Authority Executive Director Joel A. Pizá Batiz about the agreement during a Memorandum of Understanding signing with the Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) in April.

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