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The long weekend of July 23-27, 2021 is shaping up to be a very prosperous one for the island's tourism industry, according to the Puerto Rico Tourism Co. (PRTC).

"The convergence between holidays together with the domestic tourism promotional campaign: 'One Island, 78 Destinations,' during the traditional summer vacation season represents a key element so that, to this day, a robust hotel occupancy of about 94 percent in PRTC-endorsed lodgings," PRTC Executive Director Carlos Mercado stated.

The data was obtained by the PRTC from reports of the endorsed hotels and inns located throughout the island.

Following the recent announcement by Acting Gov. Omar J. Marrero that public employees (at the discretion of each agency) will be able to enjoy July 28, 29 and 30, 2021, with a charge to vacation leave, tt is expected that stays in Puerto Rico hotels and inns will be lengthened and this will cause greater economic activity. Thus, the final numbers are forecast to increase considerably before the start of the long weekend and the rest of the week, as requests for new reservations continue to be received.

Mercado reaffirmed the agency's ongoing commitment to ensure that endorsed lodgings offer residents and visitors on the island a tourist destination with the highest standards and protocols for health and safety.

"I am definitely very pleased and proud with the rebound that the island's tourism industry is experiencing in hotel occupancy numbers, as reflected for this weekend. At the Tourism Co., we are very focused on continuing to carry out the most assertive strategies and carry out all the pertinent actions that guide us towards our objective of making a great difference in the progress and growth of tourism on the Island. Our purpose is that the initiatives that we are carrying out have a significant impact on the economic development of each region and of Puerto Rico," he stated.

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