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Supermercados Selectos, a Puerto Rican supermarket chain, announced that it will support local farmers by purchasing their produce in light of the island-wide financial strain caused by the government's emergency measures to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Mayreg Rodríguez, executive director of Selectos, urged farms that have a large production volume to contact the company's central offices, where their products will be received. Farmers with lower production can go directly to any of the 35 stores scattered across the island.

"Now more than ever, Puerto Rico needs a strengthened agricultural sector. Here in Supermercados Selectos we reiterate our commitment to this local sector that, amid all the adversity, strives to provide us with healthy and fresh food," Rodríguez said.

Currently, farmers from different geographic areas deliver to practically all stores through the Agro Selectos program established more than three years ago.

"There should be no reason right now for those foods to be lost or for the production of our farms to stop," Rodríguez stated.

She urged farmers to contact the chain to agree to purchase their products shortly. For the safety of those who make deliveries, as well as the personnel of the stores, central office and consumers, the company will comply strictly with the sanitation protocols recommended by experts in food handling and health professionals.

"Every day, our partners and employees continue to look for alternatives that allow us to improve our service, protecting us all and reducing the risks that this pandemic represents for Puerto Rico. Our best interest is for solidarity and well-being to triumph for all," Rodríguez added.

Selectos has reinforced its online shopping services through its Selectos Easy Shop application. It also has a call center to guide new users, through 787-335-6775.

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