Internet speed

Puerto Rico had the second-fastest internet speed in Latin America and the Caribbean.

A recent report on the internet industry worldwide places Puerto Rico in the 21st spot, out of 142 countries, with the fastest average internet speed during 2020.

The report, published by FairInternet Report, which homogeneously compares the services offered worldwide to provide information to consumers, reflects that during the past year in Puerto Rico, the Internet speed was 34.44 mbps, 4 percent faster than in the U.S. mainland.

According to the report, after 120,000 tests it was shown that in Puerto Rico, internet speed increased considerably by 136.8 percent, which pushed it 17 places higher compared to the previous report. In fact, only Barbados, in 10th place, surpasses the island at the level of Latin America and the Caribbean.

“This is a strong example of the efforts and investments made by companies in the telecommunications industry in Puerto Rico to continue raising the level of Internet service. This has made it possible for citizens, the government and companies to remain operational during the COVID-19 Pandemic, with classes, sales, customer service in a virtual way, among other services," said Luis Romero, president of the Puerto Rican Telecommunications Alliance, an entity that groups together some of the main providers of internet, television and telephone providers on the island.

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