From left, Juan C. Agosto; José E. Ledesma, exiting president of the PRCC; Luis Gierbolini, president-elect, and Miguel Vargas, executive director.

Luis Gierbolini became the new president-elect of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (PRCC), a non-profit entity that represents the island's entrepreneurs and business owners.

Gierbolini, who competed against David Vergel for the PRCC's presidency, obtained the greatest support from the organization's members. Voting began in June 10 and ended last Friday, June 26, with the results released last Saturday at the 107th Annual General Assembly.

"I thank all the chamber members who supported me and those who did not, I will work for all of you and together we will fight for the best benefit of the PRCC and the development of Puerto Rico," the president-elect said.

Gierbolini said he starts his position this week, outlining what his work plan will be. According to him, the plan is based on providing direct attention to members and their needs. Likewise, he stressed that he will work in the vision of the institution as a multisectoral entity that unites small-, large-, and local business owners and those who come to contribute to free enterprise and to Puerto Rico's economic development.

“I am a member and I am focused on strengthening the Chamber. I believe in free enterprise and entrepreneurship as the fundamental basis of the Institution. In me, they have an ally, a collaborator; I come to work and I am going to defend the values and statutes of our institution," Gierbolini stressed.

The president-elect has been an active member of the PRCC for 20 years. He currently serves as the Chamber's treasurer and has been a part of multiple committees in the organization for the past years.

Gierbolini is the president of Gierbolini Consulting Group LLC and Luis A. Gierbolini Law Offices, PSC, from where he practices accounting, tax consulting, and other business areas. He also practices tax, corporate, and commercial law. In 2009, he founded the firm Saaggezza, LLC, which provides, together with prominent professionals, financial, administrative, and accounting consulting services to state governments and multinational corporations.

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