Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (Prepa)

The president of the Governing Board of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), Ing. Ralph A. Kreil Rivera, reported today that the transition process between the corporation and LUMA Energy, LLC is being conducted at full steam for said company to begin the operation and maintenance of PREPA's Transmission and Distribution System and other related operations, starting next June 1, as provided in the contract between LUMA, PREPA and the Public-Private Partnerships Authority.

Kreil stated in a missive that staff is working "arduously" in areas like operations, customer service, regulations, information technology and transformation of profits, among others, according to the established calendar.

"The Governing Board is committed to supporting the process to provide a modern, sustainable, reliable, efficient, and resilient electric power service, in the face of the ravages of nature, and at a competitive cost for Puerto Rico, according to Act 120 of June 20 of 2018 (Act 120 120), the Act to Transform the Puerto Rico Electric System. Said law was approved with the backing of legislators from both majority parties, in order to authorize the legal framework for the sale, disposal and/or transfer of assets, operations, functions and services of PREPA and to establish the safeguards to ensure a process fair and transparent," he said.

"The process has been carried out in compliance with the laws and is in accordance with the public policy of providing a vanguard service and excellence, for the benefit of our consumers and the economic development of our island," Kreil stated.

Kreil highlighted the fact that the claim for an energy service of excellence has been endorsed by federal entities and leaders of associations and organizations from sectors as diverse as commerce, tourism, health, food, economy and construction, as well as citizens.

Regarding PREPA employees, the Chairman of the Board urged those who have not yet done so to welcome the opportunity to be interviewed by LUMA to be considered as part of the new work team that has a program that promotes the continued development of its workforce.

"Within the Electric Power Authority there are a lot of talented and experienced professionals who have a lot to contribute, and that the right resources, planning and direction can be part of this era", concluded Kreil.

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