José Carlos Aponte Dalmau

Carolina Mayor José Carlos Aponte Dalmau.

At a cost of $11 million, construction begins this Thursday, September 17, in the urban center of Carolina of the San Fernando medical office and municipal parking building, which is expected to be inaugurated in 2022, Carolina Mayor José Carlos Aponte Dalmau told THE WEEKLY JOURNAL.

The project, which will be located on three sites near the city hall, will be built by Aireko Construction Management Services, LLC.

"This building will have similar functions to the medical tower of the San Pablo Hospital or the medical tower of the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital, with medical offices, parking, commercial spaces on the first floor, and a bridge that connects with the hospital. The bridge will pass over Ave. Fernández Juncos to the San Fernando Hospital in Carolina to establish direct communication," the official said.

"This work is another piece of the strategic urban development plan that we started in 2015 with homes, supermarkets, museums, and other attractions. But, given the high volume of patients, the hospital facilities have become too small for us, so we need to expand the space for new medical offices that can provide postoperative service," he added.

The building will have a commercial section, a parking garage with capacity for 158 cars on five floors, and also approximately 20,782 square feet of medical office area, divided into four floors of the building. Two of these floors will be offices of the San Fernando Hospital and the other two will be of the municipality, which will be rented to professionals associated with the hospital's operation. This building is joined by the bridge that connects with the hospital.

The facility will also have an emergency generator to operate the entire building, elevators, and air conditioners in the common areas and hallways.

"This work has had to be advanced. A rebound from the hospital was expected in about 10 years, but it has taken half the time. While other hospitals have seen their occupancy reduce to 10 percent or 15 percent, in this hospital the census has never dropped below 90 percent," said Aponte Dalmau.

Moreover, the medium-term agenda includes the construction of a hotel in the urban area, so that they can offer a complete experience to accompanying patients.

Likewise, the mayor assured that investments in Carolina are not limited only to the commercial or health area, but are already in talks to attract pharmaceutical companies to the municipality.

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