La Factoria comes on top again

Since its inauguration in 2013 La Factoria has accumulated a healthy list of achievements.

Only two years after open, La Factoria earned the 45th spot on the World’s 50 Best Bars list. From there the bar would find itself back on the list not once, not twice but five times. Each time creeping closer to the top ten spots.

On what is now its sixth year to earn a spot among the best, it scored an impressive 12th place in the list. As if that achievement was not enough, La Factoria also won the title of Best Bar in the Caribbean.

We all keep in communication… the Latin American bars. The cocktail market is dominated by the Americans and Europeans, but we are now starting to define what we, as Latin Americans, want to bring to the table… our own interpretation,” co-owner Leslie Cofresi said back in 2019.

It is no simple task to find a spot among the World’s 50 Best Bars. The voting system is rigid, with strict rules in place. The inaugural ranking of North America's 50 Best Bars collects the best bar experiences based on the votes from more than 220 gender-balanced voters, made up of anonymous experts of the North American bar industry (including mixologists, bar owners, specialized beverage media and well-traveled cocktail connoisseurs) fromUnited States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

The Academy is then divided into 8 regions: Northeast US, Midwest US, West US, South US and USA, Eastern Canada, Western Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Each region has its own panel of members, including a president. The presidents then select a voting panel. Voting takes place on an individual and strictly confidential basis on a secure website, and remains in secret until the list is ready to be publish.

Members of the 50 Best organization do not vote or control the list composition; this is the collective role of the voting Academy. This means that bars cannot apply to be on the list, and that no sponsor can influence the list –meaning the bars’ position on the list is based on the bars’ merit alone.

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