Internet of Things

Internet connectivity is now a "must" in today's new normal.

Hughes Network Systems, a satellite technologies and networks company, announced it has secured additional capacity over Puerto Rico for HughesNet, a leading satellite Internet service.

The capacity increase – on the existing Hughes 63 West satellite payload – will enhance the customer experience for current HughesNet customers across Puerto Rico and enable Hughes to serve even more customers on the island with affordable, reliable Internet access.

"Due to the pandemic and recent natural disasters, the people of Puerto Rico understand the value of being connected," said Peter Gulla, senior vice president, Hughes. "Across the island, HughesNet delivers internet access by satellite so people can work from home, attend school, and keep up with latest health and disaster information. HughesNet goes where other providers can't reach. The need for connectivity has never been never greater and this is why we continue to optimize HughesNet to connect more people and better serve our existing customers."

Recently named the Best Satellite Internet Provider of 2021 by U.S. News & World Report 360 Reviews, HughesNet connects more than 1.5 million families and businesses across the Americas at broadband speeds in areas that cable and wire-line providers have largely bypassed.

Available in rural and remote locations—even in the most difficult to reach places—HughesNet provides Puerto Ricans with fast and reliable Internet access so they can browse the web, access government and health information, watch videos, send and receive email, enjoy social media, conduct online banking and more.

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