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Evertec announced the launch of “Tech Guru Talks,” a series of educational seminars and technical workshops created in alliance with Piloto 151, which aims to empower the tech community and developers in Puerto Rico and Latin America concerning current tech topics.

The topics are offered free of charge by speakers moderated by Seriously Creative.

“At Evertec, we believe that technology frees business potential and boosts economic development in countries; it makes the impossible, possible. With this in mind, we decided to support ‘Tech Guru Talks’ with aims to contribute to the empowerment of this professional tech class, offering them resources and access to experts in the tech industry who are open to sharing their experiences, knowledge, and stories to inspire them to innovate and grow.

For this purpose, we formed an alliance with Piloto 151, whose collaboration brings us joy, given that they have been the key for this project’s success thanks to their immense experience in the entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Alexandra López, senior vice president of Communications & Marketing at Evertec.

She remarked that the reality is that the current situation impacting the world in the face of the coronavirus pandemic has revealed the main and transformational role that technology has in the economies of all countries.

“Companies from every economic sector have had to adapt and fully immerse into the digital world to continue operating. The demand for tech services will continue growing as the global economy is reactivated. Evertec is very mindful of this. Thus, we are going beyond our role of lending a payment processing service and we are launching initiatives like ‘Tech Guru Talks’ to offer educational opportunities to all who are interest in tech topics so they can in turn be part of the economic recovery of their countries, helping companies retake their activities,” López added.

According to Sofia Stolberg, co-founder & CEO of Piloto 151, “Tech Guru Talks” was created with that community in mind.

“We saw an opportunity to launch a new type of event in the entrepreneurial ecosystem that was more technical in terms of content and that could contribute to the growth of the developers in our community. Naturally, we approached Evertec for being the largest employer to programmers in Puerto Rico, and because we knew they could serve as a bridge to tech communities in Latin America, thus amplifying the impact of this talk series,” Stolberg stated.

According to Stolberg, “with the pandemic, far from being an obstacle, a unique opportunity surfaced to bridge the bonds between Puerto Rico and the Latin American region, creating a space to chat with international experts in different topics, including data visualization, artificial intelligence (AI), and cybersecurity, among many others.”

Moreover, Seriously Creative is contributing by moderating the educational sessions and managing the HopIn platform used for these, which simulates a real event in a virtual setting.

The collaboration is further enhanced by Obed Borrero, one of the strongest voices in Puerto Rico on tech and innovation topics with a presence in local and international media. Borrero is known in social media as “the tech guru.”

Some of the key speakers include Pablo Alejo, leader of Innovation in Accenture Federal Services Digital Studio, who will talk about innovation amid a Fail Forward culture; and Tania Cruz, Customer Strategy product manager at Capital One.

Apart from these sessions. Evertec will also hold internal sessions for its employees, facilitated by the company’s resources, so they may share their innovation experiences.

For more information on the agenda and registration details for the educational sessions of “Tech Guru Talks,” visit https://techgurutalks.com.

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