Collins Aerospace


Collins Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp., has unveiled a new 27,000-square foot facility at the Puerto Rico campus in Santa Isabel.

The facility features smart line, the company’s first major investment in automated manufacturing since becoming Collins Aerospace. The smart line production line will automate the Printed Circuit Board Assemblies build process for commercial aircraft engines and power control applications.

The company expects to add up to 150 new jobs at the site, ultimately increasing its Puerto Rico workforce to more than 1,500 employees.

The smart line addition introduces modern equipment, processes and practices that will improve the flow and efficiency of electronic board production, the company said. The fully automated line will potentially increase productivity by 35 percent and enable operators to focus on real-time adaptive problem solving. The line will feature digital optical inspection and automated confirmations to manufacturing systems will enhance operator efficiency and productivity.

The fully automated smart line is the next step for the company in its digital operations journey. To date, the company has over 120 smart projects and initiatives across manufacturing. By 2024, the company has a goal of 10 percent automation across global manufacturing sites.

“We continue to see advancements in technology that better connects people, systems and machines,” said Paolo Dal Cin, vice present, Operations & Quality, Collins Aerospace. “Our smart line uses an array of modern machines and digital, connected tools to improve the way we work – from productivity to quality. Implementing cutting-edge technologies to the production line and the factory floor is a significant step in modernizing our operations. We look forward to using our Puerto Rico campus as one of our centers of excellence to advance Smart technology.”

Meanwhile, Economic Development and Commerce Secretary Manuel A. Laboy Rivera said: "We are proud that this company continues to rely on the investment and labor climate we offer in Puerto Rico to expand its operations. The aerospace sector is a growing industry on the island and produces over 7,000 direct and indirect jobs, with exports of services and goods of about $500 million in 2018. Count on us for future negotiations with a commitment to continue supporting various initiatives to improve Doing Business in Puerto Rico.”

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