Sargassum algae

Tropical beach with Sargassum algae

The Ana G. Méndez - Carolina university team was named the 2021 national champion of Enactus Puerto Rico, presenting a project that turns sargassum into a biofertilizer.

Among 35 projects of more than 400 university students, the organization dedicated to the development of social enterprises through a network of university leaders, faculty and communities, selected the winning team thanks to the vote of a select panel of judges.

Rosa Hernández, president of the Enactus board of directors, highlighted that “we were all captivated and inspired by the talent of our students and by their ingenuity and creativity to identify innovative solutions for the sustainable development of our communities. Although they are all champions for their actions, only one could be named champion and this year it was Ana G. Méndez (Carolina)."

The champion team wowed the judges with Bioswēd, a social enterprise that seeks to work with excess sargassum on the coasts thanks to the development of a biofertilizer. Runner-up was the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez, closing the group of finalists with SBF-Ponce and UPR-Carolina.

The proliferation of sargassum has been a big problem this summer, not just on beaches in Puerto Rico, but throughout the Caribbean region. In Puerto Rio, piles of sargassum has washed up on many northern beaches, including those in San Juan and Fajardo.

Enactus is a non-profit organization that groups more than 72,000 students from 36 countries. Its global network brings together business, academic and student leaders to advance its vision of creating a better and more sustainable world.

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