Alexandra Lúgaro

Alexandra Lúgaro, 2020 gubernatorial candidate under the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC).

Foundation for Puerto Rico announced today that Alexandra Lúgaro, former gubernatorial candidate under the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC, Spanish initials) who announced last week that she would be "stepping down" from politics, will head the nonprofit's Strategic Innovation Center.

The information was revealed by the founder of Foundation for Puerto Rico, Jon Borschow, who said "Alexandra brings an extraordinary set of assets; She understands the challenges and opportunities of our island and, in her new role at the Center, she will lead the process of devising and promoting transformative strategies designed to create a new future for Puerto Rico."

The Strategic Innovation Center, according to Borschow, will be the catalyst for initiatives focused on developing innovative ideas and promoting high-impact projects.

It also seeks the creation of strategic partnerships to share information with the private sector, nonprofits, the government, academia, community leaders, and individuals who are seeking innovative solutions.

Lúgaro, who will serve as the executive director, stated: "the center seeks to place the country in a better position to face and manage to address the challenges of the modern world. This will require innovation not only in ideas, but also in processes, products and methodologies. These are adopted within the public policies and the formation of the transformative leaders of a country. Without innovation, which involves research, collaboration and the development of evidence-based models, we cannot aspire to sustainable economic growth."

"Over the years, the Foundation has increased its operation, experience and programmatic scope, establishing itself as an organization capable of undertaking innovative and collaborative initiatives through strategies and changes in sustainable, inclusive and high-impact public policies. Having an active role as director of the Center for Strategic Innovation will allow me to be part of that, since the well-being of Puerto Rico has always been my vocation," Lúgaro added.

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