Walgreens announced the establishment of two COVID-19 test stations in Puerto Rico, located in Bayamón (# 550 on Highway 167) and Carolina (#11217 on Ave. 65 de Infantería).

Testing takes place outdoors in the pharmacy parking lot, where a team of Walgreens pharmacy professionals oversee patients' self-administration of a COVID-19 test. The patient will remain in their car throughout the entire process.

"The opening of these stations is part of Walgreens' ongoing commitment to providing greater access to testing in the communities we serve. Walgreens has a long history of stepping up to support our customers and communities in times of need, and we are pleased to work collaboratively with Puerto Rico and federal officials in this effort," said Eileen Ortega.

Walgreens operates more than 400 test stations in 49 U.S. states, including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. The tests are available at no cost to people who meet the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) criteria to receive a test. The vast majority of patients in Puerto Rico are expected to receive test results within 72 hours, depending on the overall capacity of the laboratory.

The drugstore chain affirmed in a missive that it is focusing its efforts on marginalized communities, with more than 70% of Walgreens test stations currently located in areas that the CDC has identified as socially vulnerable.

"This initiative continues to be critical to keeping our communities healthy and allowing more Puerto Ricans to return to work once they can do so safely. I am truly grateful for our Walgreens pharmacists, who are playing a critical role in overseeing COVID-19 testing at stations, while allowing us to serve as a much-needed and reliable access point," Ortega stated.

The new test stations use LabCorp's COVID-19 Nasal Swab Diagnostic Test to determine if a person has the virus. Tests at drive-thru stations are only available by appointment. To make an appointment, visit Walgreens.com/COVID19Testing.

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