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Tropizen, a licensed local cultivator and manufacturer of medical cannabis products, has signed an exclusive licensing agreement that will allow it to sell its locally manufactured Tropizen Pique hot sauce and Tropizen Real Fruit Gummies in six states, starting with Maryland.

 “We are thrilled to become the first industry player to launch our Puerto Rico–based products in the US, extending our current support to local farmers with the incorporation of fresh produce into our edibles and bringing a taste of home to the these markets,” explained Tropizen co-founder Marni Meistrell. “While many US-based cannabis brands have been licensed to Puerto Rico manufacturers, this is the first time that the situation is reversed and a locally formulated and researched product is licensed to be sold in the US,” she added.

 In addition to the state of Maryland, the agreement with MariMed Inc., a leading multi-state cannabis operator, will allow Tropizen to expand its market presence to Delaware, Illinois, Rhode Island, Maine, and Massachusetts.

Tropizen will manufacture the uninfused products in its state of the art facilities in Puerto Rico, which will then be shipped to be infused with cannabis and packaged for sale to consumers in each US state.

“Tropizen is a perfect partner for MariMed,” asserted James Winokur, MariMed GM, Product Group. “Both companies have earned a reputation for the care they take in handcrafting products for patients and customers”.

Meistrell added that MariMed’s products, some of which Tropizen has licensed to sell locally, fit well with Tropizen’s philosophy. Products from both companies are made with real fruits and vegetables.

The Tropizen line of cannabis-infused edibles includes Real Fruit Gummies sold in a variety of natural flavors including passion fruit, mango, pineapple and quenepa (a local seasonal fruit also known as Spanish lime). For its part, Tropizen Pique is manufactured using locally sourced ingredients, including Cabo Rojo salt and three different kinds of peppers. One of them is so rare the company decided to team up with experienced farmers to grow the amount needed for large-scale production. Local growers such as Frutos del Guacabo in Manatí, and other small farms supply the fruit, peppers and herbs like cilantro, oregano, and recao.

The company also sells traditional pilones, infused with cannabis, in sesame, passion fruit and coconut flavors.

“We aim to continue supporting patients with the best medicinal cannabis products, not only in Puerto Rico but in the States, by giving them innovative, all-natural and effective products incorporating fresh ingredients. As we grow, our support for the Puerto Rico farmers who work so hard to provide our ingredients will also grow”, said Meistrell.

Tropizen is one of Puerto Rico’s leading cannabis cultivation and manufacturing companies, providing all-natural, highly effective infused edibles, topicals, concentrates and flower to dispensaries island wide. Strict quality control and lab testing ensures patients are consuming pure and safe products with accurate and consistent dosing. Its full spectrum cannabis-infused gummies, pilones, hot sauce and protein bites are known for their delicious flavor and balanced effects. Tropizen is committed to producing an extensive array of products using locally sourced ingredients to serve the needs of patients while supporting local communities.

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