Jorge Martel

Jorge Martel, Vice President T Mobile Puerto Rico. (Gabriel López Albarrán)

Today T-Mobile makes history by announcing that it has already turned on Puerto Rico's first and only 5G network in areas of all the towns of the Island, including Vieques and Culebra. With this launch, Puerto Rico becomes one of the first markets in the United States and in the world to offer 5G technology.

"Today T-Mobile fulfills its commitment to position Puerto Rico as a center of innovation and technology, by announcing the arrival of 5G to Puerto Rico, with compatible equipment to enjoy the network," said Jorge Martel, vice president and general manager of T-Mobile in Puerto Rico. “It fills us with enormous pride that Puerto Ricans in areas of the 78 municipalities can have 5G T-Mobile technology within their reach.”

The T-Mobile 5G Network

T-Mobile 5G is larger: it covers areas of all Puerto Rico towns; and in the United States to more than 200 million people and more than 5,000 cities. The FIRST and ONLY 5G network in Puerto Rico covering 80% of Puerto Ricans, in areas of all towns across the Island with 3,200 square miles.

“While others leave and abandon their customers, we reinforce our commitment to turn Puerto Rico into a center of technology and innovation, bringing our people the first, only and true 5G network. Because of this, there is no better time to join the T-Mobile 5G network. ”Added Martel. “Those who are not with T-Mobile cannot be left out. Customers will not pay a penny more for access to the 5G network.”

From the beginning, T-Mobile has changed the rules of the game by revolutionizing the industry by listening to its customers and making structural changes in the industry in favor of customers. With its moves “Un-Carrier, T-Mobile released the contract industry, allowed everyone to listen to unlimited music, stream without additional charges and receive invoices without surprises for IVU and charges. Similarly, T-Mobile rebuilt a more advanced network after Hurricane Maria; and deployed a robust 600 MHz network across the Island.

5G equipment

As of today, T-Mobile customers will be able to pre-order two compatible devices for 5G technology: the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren, exclusive to T-Mobile; and the Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 5G.

• OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren FREE with 24 credits to invoice when switching to T-Mobile and making trade-in of eligible equipment.

• Note10 + 5G FREE with 24 credits to invoice when they buy another and add a line.

Both device are now available in all stores and through 1-800-TMOBIL

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