Subway, the sandwich restaurant chain, recently donated $50,000 in gift cards to United Way Puerto Rico, a nonprofit organization. The donation is part of a collaborative agreement between both entities to join efforts and fight hunger on the island.

The gift cards will be used to purchase food at Subway restaurants throughout the island. They will be distributed by United Way Puerto Rico within the network of more than 100 nonprofits that make up its federation, who in turn have projects and provide their services to different communities.

"At Subway, we are highly committed, globally and locally, to impacting the communities where we operate through actions that contribute to social well-being, especially in supporting programs focused on eradicating hunger in disadvantaged communities. We are extremely proud and grateful to our franchisees who did not hesitate to support this initiative to help the thousands of people who are impacted thanks to the commendable work carried out by United Way to eradicate hunger on our island," said José Vázquez, vice president of Subway Puerto Rico.

"For us at United Way of Puerto Rico, it is a great honor to be able to count on the support of companies like Subway to expand the scope of programs aimed at supporting our community. By sharing the vision of supporting individuals and families with dietary needs, we increase the reach and access to aid like these, important incentives at a time when so much is still needed to achieve stability and recover the lifestyles we aspire," said Samuel González, president of United Way Puerto Rico.

For more information about joining the different programs offered by United Way Puerto Rico, visit

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