Set, ready, go! That seems to be the slogan behind Popeyes most wanted Chicken Sandwich, that revolutionized the US market selling totally out in only 14 days and turning into a social media sensation.

Puerto Rico is the first market outside of the continental US where the most wanted sandwich will be launched. Based on simple ingredients, of the best quality available, the sandwich will be available Black Friday, November 29th in the 18 Popeyes restaurant around the Island.

This new item joins two other chicken sandwiches (Deluxe and Jazz Chicken Sandwich, this last one developed specifically for the local market) that are already part of the menu, known for its unique Cajun Louisiana flavor.

“The success behind this Chicken Sandwich in the US is a mystery but it does not take us by surprise. It provides a delicate balance of flavors and the quality of the ingredients is evident in each bite. We use brioche bread, a generous fresh breast of chicken, battered and seasoned with a special blend of Louisiana spices, mayo sauce and two big pieces of pickles,” said Eduardo Zúñiga, Vice-President of Operations for Popeyes in Puerto Rico.

Known for offering Cajun Style menu item, this sandwich as well as other chicken offerings, are available with or without spice, for those consumers that prefer its original taste. The arrival of this item required the acquisition of special equipment for each restaurant, currently under installation, to guarantee the availability of the most wanted sandwich this Friday, November 29th. The estimated investment in machinery and personnel training is about $50,000 with a total investment of $200,000 including all launching efforts.

The arrival of the successful chicken sandwich coincides with a change in the image of the brand to refresh it while maintaining the Louisiana style and colors, but with a younger and more modern sense/look. In the new image orange remains as the main color of the brand which is also prevalent in the Louisiana spices. “Poppy”, a new animated chicken figure, is also introduced to support this new brand image to represent Popeyes.

Curiously, the Puerto Rico market is known for having a special preference for chicken sandwiches with a higher consumption rate than in the US, which is one of the reasons behind the tremendous success of this new item at a national level, since it wakes up the taste of the American consumer to this type of product, already one of the favorites of the local market. Puerto Rico consumes a higher percentage of chicken sandwiches than the US.

“Over 20 percent of our sales in Puerto Rico are in sandwiches. With the arrival of the new Chicken Sandwich, we are expecting that percentage to rise. The success of this product in the US has been so tremendous because consumption of chicken sandwiches is not the same as in the Island,” added Zúñiga.

“Also, the convenience of Uber Eats, recently available for most of the metropolitan area, is an additional service for the benefit of our clients that is starting to pick up, surpassing our projections.”

Popeyes distinguishes itself with a unique "New Orleans" style menu that features spicy chicken, chicken tenders, fried shrimp and other seafood, as well as red beans and rice and other regional items.

Popeyes is a highly differentiated quick-service restaurant (QSR) brand with a passion for its Louisiana heritage and flavorful authentic food. Its sales increase and adoption of new clients are a definite test that the unique flavor and combination of spices has conquered the local taste.

Its unique brand proposition includes more value for the consumer’s money with generous portions, better taste due to their 12-hour marinating process, faster food achieved through a higher employment roster, seafood available all year round (for example, shrimp), and culinary creativity. Popeyes is best known for its spicy offerings although consumers can choose non-spicy menu alternatives.

Popeyes currently owns eighteen (18) restaurant around the Island located at Carolina (two restaurants), Ponce, Mayagüez (University Plaza and in front of Mayagüez Mall), Caguas (Las Catalinas and close to Walmart), Santa Isabel, Trujillo Alto, Dorado, Hatillo, Santurce, Cupey, Levittown and Bayamón (Rexville and in front of Plaza del Sol), Ave. Roosevelt and Plaza Las Américas, recently inaugurated. For 2020, the chain expects to open three (3) additional restaurants in Fajardo and Guaynabo. Popeyes employs 800, around 40 to 50 per restaurant, and has 14 years of presence in the Island.

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