Céntrico in Guayama

More than just attending to the physical constraints, the mall fulfills other cultural and community needs. (Archive)

After a multimillion-dollar investment, and as part of the celebration of its 25th anniversary, Plaza Guayama has reinvented itself, giving way to a new era in its continuous contribution to the economic development of the southeast region under the name of Céntrico.

Plaza Guayama, today Céntrico, relaunches its brand as part of a new vision aimed at continuing to evolve according to industry trends globally.

This native Puerto Rican commercial property presents a new and wider community commercial concept, with more stores, new collaborative spaces, more services and more entertainment for the enjoyment of the residents of the area.

Céntrico, that as Plaza Guayama has always been noted for its commitment to excellence in service and products, has invested in a comprehensive remodeling that includes new air conditioning units, two new escalators, skylights, interior acoustic ceiling and new slabs in the El Mirador Food Court area.

Likewise, Céntrico’s Management has invested in new furniture, new façades and improvements to the lighting system. A children's play area, a “lounge” area with facilities for “wi-fi” connection to be known as “The Hub”, as well as an entertainment area with stage and facilities for shows or artistic presentations, will also be released. As a result of the renovation and improvements, Céntrico's workforce will have an estimated staff of 400 people.

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